A Faith Journey – By Robert L. Maddox Jr.

This is a memoir. Elements of the journey are informed and framed by developing faith/theology just as life experiences frame faith and theology.

Years ago a friend/minister/colleague asked me: "What keeps you going, exploring, reaching out?" Reflecting, I decided my process answer this way: an existential confidence and a restless ambiguity. Just as the physical universe has no known boundaries, neither does my faith journey. Risky? Yes, but it fits me.

People of forming faith who are willing to push the outer edges of their own faith--not mine, but theirs--could have a romp taking this trip with me. They do not have to wind up where I am. But they surely would profit from taking a similar faith journey.

I hope my experiences can give them the curiosity and security to push their own outer limits. I hope they can come upon the generous, limitless God who lets us run freely, who never grows weary of our push and who we can be sure we can never outrun, outhink or outlove.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Robert L. Maddox

Robert L. Maddox

Maddox is founder and consultant of the Briggs Center for Faith and Action. He was executive director of the center from 2006 until his retirement in 2019. An ordained Baptist minister, serving previously as director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and in the Carter Administration as a speech writer and liaison to the religious community. Learn more about Maddox on his author page.










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