Building Bridges During the Interim – By John Lepper

The purpose of this book is to help lay, congregational leaders understand the dynamics of congregations during the interim. Lay leaders can make a difference in guiding their respective congregations through the interim. They can lead the way in building a substantial and healthy bridge between pastors.

Many years ago while sitting in a seminary class I made an observation about the path to a pastorate. My professor, Dr. Walter Shurden, replied: “Lepper, you can never predict what a pastor search committee will do.” It’s been almost four decades since I heard that comment, but I have repeatedly affirmed its truth.

Each search committee is different. The same is true of congregations during the interim. Interims are different for different congregations. Yet, most congregations during the interim have similarities. Interims differ in different congregations because each congregation has its own polity, history, demographic, size, and leadership.

This workbook seeks to help you, a lay leader, answer two questions regarding the interim: 1. What can I expect? 2. What can I do?

This resource will help you discern answers to these questions and provide helpful leadership during this critical time in your congregation.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).










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