Christ and Chaos – By Gerald L. Borchert

Although God has endowed humans with the gift of freedom, we seem to gravitate to chaos rather than order and to conflict rather than harmony.

Families, communities, and nations that are known for harmony and integrity are often rare to find so that if and when we discover a modicum of both, they provide inspiration for our troubled world—and yes, a sound byte about such harmony and order might even make the evening news in the midst of all the troubles that are ever present.

Harmony is built upon love and caring and is sadly missing in our world today—but it is desperately needed, especially in our contemporary shattered existence.

Although we may think that our current generations are more sophisticated and able to handle the challenges of life better than earlier ones, we may be more in need of psychosomatic assistance than the ancients because of our hollowness and fragmentation as humans.

I offer these thoughts now to you who are other members of God’s children in Christ and to those who might just be intrigued to find out a little more about God’s pattern for living above the chaos in our world.

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