Disciple Development Coaching – By Mark Tidsworth and Ircel Harrison

If you are looking for a "program in a box/book" to transform your Christian education and discipleship programs at the congregational level, you will need to rethink your presuppositions as you read and work through the ideas in this pivotal work. A 20th-century mentality will not carry you very far into the movement contemplated by Tidsworth and Harrison. This is an urgent call for the church to realign with the nature of the 21st-century world of which we are a part. The authors support their discussion with clear biblical and spiritual insights. The chapters also provide some good contemporary background from others who are writing and thinking about church development. Reading this book will help bring the reader up to date on leadership, church culture, change, and the general state of God's church in the 21st century.

A Korean version of this book is available here.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Mark Tidsworth

Mark Tidsworth

Developing people, organizations, and congregations is a signature theme of Tidsworth’s vocational journey, as evidenced through service as a pastor, interim pastor, new church developer, therapist, counseling center director, and now as president of Pinnacle Leadership Associates. Established in 2008 and based in Columbia, South Carolina, Pinnacle provides coaching, consulting, and training to clergy and congregations.

Ircel Harrison

Ircel Harrison

A lifelong learner and now an itinerant educator, Harrison has long been an equipper of believers through his service as a campus minister, denominational leader, pastor, and church member. He currently serves as coaching coordinator for Pinnacle Leadership Associates and as a supplemental faculty member in ministry praxis for Central Baptist Theological Seminary.










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