How to Get Along with Everyone by Blending Personalities – By Ruth McRoberts Ward

Most people, regardless of their age, want to be respected for who they are and appreciated for what they do. However, when how we act or speak does not match others’ expectations, we may experience feelings of inadequacy, anger, and guilt, which spawn resentments.

Unresolved anger and stored resentment often block good communication and destroy creativity. Ironically, most guilt-producing expectations are either unfair, unspoken, unrealistic, childish, or selfish. Ideally, healthy anger assists in identifying the sources of our guilt feelings. When understood, appreciated, and rightly used, anger becomes a friend rather than a foe.

Understanding differing patterns of Temperament-Type is the key to blending personalities, ultimately producing and/or improving communication, easing tensions, and paving the way to getting along with everyone—even the people we barely like.

How to Get Along with Everyone by Blending Personalities intends to meet your personal and communication needs. The Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) provides such a catapult. This book simplifies the concept, making it easy to include the skill in your stash of communication tips.

Many of these suggestions parallel the ways one would cultivate flower species in a garden with the careful, skillful, daily attention all plants need as they contend with pesky insects and greedy weeds, resist destructive winds and foul weather, and submit to necessary pruning.

The same applies as we embrace our unique design and appreciate others’ designs. This inclusive attitude marks the path to unity and harmony by merely honing the skills of communication. Blending Personalities offers guidelines for nurturing relationships with our children, partners, fellow-workers, extended family, and neighbors and for receiving personal help from our Creator.

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