Leadership in Constant Change – By Terry R. Hamrick

There is no harder job on the planet than leading a local congregation in today’s world! Every day is filled with challenges beyond expectations. Every day is filled with criticism and second guessing from those who don’t appreciate the work. Every day is filled with the impact of change, of social media, and of instant connectivity.

Congregations no longer have the income to do all the things they have always done. Hard choices are required. Mission and ministry budgets are being reduced, often on a quarterly basis. Beloved ministers are having their compensation reduced and sometimes even having their positions eliminated. Active lay leaders are being pressed to move to another church because they want their children to have fully functioning programs. The signs of stress are all around.

Change. It keeps coming. The question is: How will leaders respond? What can they do to help their congregations when old ways no longer work? Into this culture and climate of change and criticism comes a word of hope and help. Leadership in Constant Change: Embracing a New Missional Reality guides congregational leaders to understand adaptive leadership principles and to embrace missional qualities on their way to discovering God's vision for their churches.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Terry R. Hamrick

Terry R. Hamrick

Hamrick has served Baptists in many ways, most recently as coordinator for missional leadership for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He understands congregational ministry well, having served on the staffs of churches in Texas, Georgia and Kentucky.










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