Modern Life, Ancient God – By Steve Nichols

Steve Nichols grew up in church and in the modern world outside of church. By his late teens, he was trying to integrate his religious and secular lives into a unified whole. How would he fashion a worldview consistent with his religious heritage and modern science? And how would he recognize God’s Presence in his everyday secular life?

Some people adopt a religious position that they defend against all secular input. Other people do the opposite, casting their lot with the secular against everything religious. Raised on both sides of the cultural division into secular and sacred, Nichols internalized both, and chose the difficult path of reconciliation.

In these pages, Nichols presents the story of his faith, and faith rediscovered, in the hope that it will provide encouragement to others.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Steve Nichols

Raised in Annandale, Virginia, Nichols earned a BS in chemistry from the College of William & Mary and an MD from the University of Virginia, where he also completed his residency training in psychiatry. He then worked for thirty years as a staff psychiatrist at Western State Hospital in Staunton, Virginia, caring for the chronically mentally ill. Dr. Nichols and his wife, Melody, are retired and live in Williamsburg, Virginia. They have one son.










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