Nurturing Faith in Children – By Kelly Belcher, Edited by Carol Brown

In this book, you will find 52 children’s sermons—one sermon for each Sunday in the church year. Each sermon is based on a focus passage, with a short portion of the passage noted as a memory verse. The author has provided a bit of background to summarize the focus of each children’s sermon. Most of the children’s sermons presented in the book include objects or props to help bring the words to life for the children. The props are included in the “Items for Preparation” list before each sermon. Each children’s sermon concludes with a prayer, which is usually an opportunity for the children to repeat the simple prayer as the leader says each line. Children learn religious practices through modeling and practice—your prayers can introduce young hearts to the language of prayer.

Let these sermons serve as a guide. Adapt them as you see fit so that your group of children will grasp their meaning and grow in their understanding of spiritual themes. As you spend time with children in worship, count it a privilege to convey to your children a love of scripture, a passion for learning, a desire to know the heart of God, and a love for the wonderful stories of the Bible.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Kelly Belcher

Kelly Belcher

Kelly Belcher is a hospice chaplain in Asheville, NC. She is from Winston-Salem, NC, where she was dedicated, baptized, married, and ordained at Knollwood Baptist Church. A graduate of Meredith College and Southeastern Seminary, she served as a minister with children and families with congregations in North Carolina and
South Carolina. She and husband Philip have two children.

Carol Brown

Carol Brown

Carol Brown is a freelance copyeditor and writer in Macon, GA. She served as a preschool minister for 23 years and now serves as the editor of CBF’s missions curriculum for children, Spark and Form, and also as client liaison for Faithlab, one of Nurturing Faith’s publishing partners. She and husband Steve have two sons.










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