Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and Anarchs – By Tony Cartledge

Bible study calls for the engagement of both hearts and minds. The Nurturing Faith Bible Study Series guides participants through thematic biblical texts that expand the mind and enrich the heart. With careful scholarship, Dr. Tony W. Cartledge brings to light a clearer understanding of the context—language, culture, and setting—in which the biblical accounts occurred. Then the important question is considered, “How do these ancient words speak to us as people of faith today?” Truth—not bound by time and culture—awaits those who are willing to explore, contemplate, and apply these biblical treasures.

The Nurturing Faith Bible Study Series makes no attempt to “dumb down” the lessons or to ignore the challenges of serious inquiry. Therefore, each lesson contains “The Hardest Question” in which Dr. Cartledge both raises and responds to the challenges of understanding and applying the biblical revelation to today’s living. An honest wrangling with the biblical texts—while guided by God’s spirit—can produce clearer understanding and stronger commitments. Such Bible study will indeed nurture one’s faith.

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This book is part of the Nurturing Faith Bible Series. The other titles can be found here.

Tony W. Cartledge

Tony W. Cartledge

Cartledge is a Bible scholar and writer living in North Carolina. He serves as professor of Old Testament at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, North Carolina, and the contributing editor and curriculum writer at Good Faith Media. Learn more about Cartledge on his author page.










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