Savoring the Sacred, the Real, and the True – By Julia S. Ledford

This is not a book to read; rather it is a book to pray. To a large extent, it is a book that is intended to invoke a deeper, ongoing conversation with God. This is not intended to be a typical book of prayers nor a book about prayer. The prayers are meant to reflect a conversation with God, with musings expressed as much as petitions. Overall, it is a believing response, full of trust, reverence, and even questions for the One True God, whose yearning for us underlies all of life, especially the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is my prayer that each person who reads (and prays) this book will encounter the truth of God's love in a fresh way, and be encouraged to follow His Son Jesus down the path of life with increasing and unwavering fidelity. My hope is that it will open a fresh and meaningful perspective on the pathway into all the rich treasures of God's Word in the Gospels.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

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