Take Care of Yourself – By Jim Qualls

It’s easy to get jaded in this life. Don’t let it happen. Ours is a divided era. I can’t walk into work or church or a civic or family gathering without being immediately aware that there are different, even polarized, perspectives around the room. While I’ve developed my own opinions on many things, I’m quite certain my methods for developing these opinions have evolved. I want to be more objective and considerate than I’ve ever been, because more than ever I believe “the truth will set you free.” And, so, I cannot let sarcasm and bitterness and prejudice tell me that everything inevitably will go downhill. Some things are better. Some things need fixing.

I’ve always been involved in bringing hope to our world. An initial little boy’s wish to be a wolf biologist has turned into a lifelong in-depth study of our natural world and involvement in environmental conservation, even though I missed a turn and didn’t quite make it onto Wild Kingdom. And, all these years of “people work” haven’t soured me. Instead, I’m more sure than ever that with one word, one deed at a time, we can do the better thing in our society and our world. It’s not “dog eat dog.” In taking care of those around us, we in turn take care of ourselves.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Jim Qualls

Jim Qualls

Qualls and his wife Janna have lived in Peachtree City, Georgia, since 1995. They are most proud of their two daughters, two sons- in-law, and two granddaughters. Jim recently started a new venture, Jim Qualls Health & Fitness LLC, to offer personal training and health coaching. Previously he had careers in real estate, the automotive industry, and the church world. Learn more about Qualls on his author page.










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