Tale of Two Tims – By Tim Seelig

The decision to write my life story began as an exercise to make sense out of it all. But it moved quickly to being a tool that would help me put it all in order. My life has been punctuated by some pretty dramatic events. I wanted to recall stories that had been forgotten or buried. I wanted it all out there.

I have always used humor to cover some of the deepest pain; we all do that, of course. I honed the skill. Yet I wanted to make sure my story is authentically Tim. Most of all, it absolutely had to bring joy to the reader.

For some, the adage “Change is the only thing constant in life” may relate primarily to the weather or one’s outfit. Those have not been my changes, although I do worry about both. Joys and tragedies have steered my direction. These have certainly been big changes—some that I asked for, most I did not.

The theme “liberating change” rang true and authentic. As difficult as these experiences were when going through them, each turned out to be a blessing or a launching pad to greater things. It also had the world to do with what no one could ever take away: music, humor, truth.

That’s why I wanted to write a book about me. By sharing my roller coaster journey, perhaps others’ twists and turns, ups and downs may seem a little tamer or at least conquerable. So take this ride with me; I promise it won’t be boring! At the end, I hope you are smiling.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Tim Seelig

Tim Seelig

Tim Seelig is conductor, singer, teacher, and motivational speaker. He is the Artistic Director of both the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus as well as the National LGBTQ Center for the Arts. Dr. Seelig holds four degrees and has authored seven books and DVDs on choral technique. Learn more about Seeling on his author page.










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