The ABCs of Religion – By Sherrill Gardner Stevens

Have you ever wondered... Why did ancient people worship the moon? Why did people burn stuff on altars? Who remembered and recorded the things Jesus said and did? How did our Bible come to be written?

The purpose of this work is to encourage its readers to make a sincere effort to understand their personal faith. Such an effort is aided by a basic understanding of the historical origins and development of religious thought and expression. Sincere effort has been made to keep the language of this work non-technical. When theological or philosophical terms are used, they are explained as simply as possible.

An elementary discussion of several historic religious faiths is included to help individuals compare their personal faith with the faiths and practices of others. I hope that this work will be helpful to readers who are not familiar with the historical development of the religion in which they have placed personal faith.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Sherrill Gardner Stevens

Sherrill Gardner Stevens

Stevens is a retired pastor, having served 48 years in churches in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. He also served 30 years as an Army Reserve chaplain. A graduate of Wake Forest College (B.A.), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ph.D.), he also has experience as a writer of Sunday School literature and biblical interpretation and as an adjunct professor at Southeastern Seminary and Campbell University Department of Religion.










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