Think (Or Else!) – By Maralene and Miles Wesner

It’s okay to have different opinions, but it’s not okay to twist and shade and change facts to fit our own desires. In the past most of us received our information from a few well-documented reference books and from our own honest and caring mentors. Now, true and false, good and bad, right and wrong statements flow around us constantly. They come from TV, radio, movies, music, Facebook, Twitter, and innumerable people with malicious intent, trying to brainwash us for their own purposes.

Never have our thinking skills been so tested or so important. Our democracy depends upon our ability to discriminate between reality and propaganda. Even our faith depends upon our ability to separate truth from superstition. Our very existence depends upon our willingness to base our lives upon logical principles rather than unrealistic delusions.

Christianity must be a thinking religion. These short articles and devotionals are not intended to be debate briefs or argument starters. They simply represent one person’s viewpoint on relevant issues. We hope these insights will either validate your current observations or stimulate you to develop your own authentic observations from a different perspective. In times like these, we really must “think, or else.” In this case “or else” means we’ll lose our freedoms, and possibly our very lives, if we don’t think.

Maralene and Miles Wesner

Maralene and Miles Wesner

Multi-talented teachers and prolific writers, the Wesners are known for their no-nonsense style, their clear illustrations, and their willingness to face controversial issues. From the dual perspectives of both academic and religious professions, they seek to be a bridge between the spiritual and the intellectual worlds.










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