Together – By Jeff Hampton

After being asked by the associate pastor of his church to write a weekly blog post, author Jeff Hampton jumped at the opportunity to offer up his thoughts on matters of faith—which he has now done for the past ten years. This act of deliberate writing has forced him to explore what he believes, and to consider whether or not he practices what he preaches. At his wife LeAnn’s suggestion, Hampton collected these blog posts into a book. It was then that LeAnn noticed that most of the writings were about community— not “community” as defined by the census bureau and the chamber of commerce, but rather all the different types of community in which we live. That includes family, friends, neighbors, churches, workplaces, towns, states, countries, races, and humankind. At different times we all live and interact in these communities—usually in several simultaneously. Jeff Hampton explores through his weekly personal writings how we all fit into and contribute (or not) to the communities to which we belong.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Jeff Hampton

Jeff Hampton

During a 30-year career in journalism and communications, Hampton has covered and written about topics ranging from business and finance to history and faith. He began his professional career at the Waco Tribune-Herald and has written for newspapers, magazines, small businesses, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. He currently lives and works as a freelance writer in Garland, Texas, with his wife LeAnn. Learn more about Hampton on his author page.










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