When God Can’t Answer – By Maralene and Miles Wesner

In addition to experiencing many tragic family experiences, we have spent almost seventy years as religious and educational counselors. We have dealt with literally hundreds of such inexplicable tragedies. We have listened to literally hundreds of confused, angry, disillusioned individuals. We have seen literally hundreds of situations when painful reality absolutely repudiated traditional dogma. Since we were not willing to “cop out” in the face of these incongruities, we began to explore new paths with startling theological implications.

By sharing the insights we’ve gained from our professional as well as our personal life, we hope to strengthen others who hurt. Indeed, if intellectual enlightenment can be increased, it will lend some meaning to these deaths. If emotional comfort can be extended, then these will not have suffered in vain. If spiritual dimensions can be expanded, we’ll see that it is possible for evil things to work together for good. Therefore, it is to these loved ones and the millions of others they represent that this book is dedicated.

Maralene and Miles Wesner

Maralene and Miles Wesner

Multi-talented teachers and prolific writers, the Wesners are known for their no-nonsense style, their clear illustrations, and their willingness to face controversial issues. From the dual perspectives of both academic and religious professions, they seek to be a bridge between the spiritual and the intellectual worlds.










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