Where the Rabbits Dance – By Lynelle Mason

Twelve-year-old Lightfoot, a Cherokee maiden, looks on in horror as her family’s house lies in ashes. What would you do if a stranger stormed into your home and ordered you to leave? What if that person was armed and had the backing—and blessing—of the federal government? Would you acquiesce or fight?

Where the Rabbits Dance recounts the mistreatment of a brave Cherokee family in the days leading to the Trail of Tears. This riveting fictional account captures a sad—though seldom explored—moment in American history, as Lightfoot seeks to save her family through ingenuity, cunning and spiritual insight.

This story serves as a harsh reminder of the cruel treatment inflicted upon the Cherokees, and readers young and old can benefit from this portrayal of a terrible American tragedy.

An e-book is available on Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Lynelle Mason

Lynelle Mason

Lynelle Sweat Mason, who is fast approaching 90, has published seven Nurturing Faith books. Her latest, Climbing Mountains, August 2020, is based on the life of Dr. Phyllis Miller. As a resident of Ascension Living and a member of First Baptist of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mason enjoys offering words of encouragement, hugs and laughter with her ever-growing circle of friends. Learn more about Mason on her author page.










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