Chris Sanders is a practicing employment lawyer, active in law, labor, faith and politics.

  1. Where did you grow up?

Owensboro, (Western) Kentucky

  1. What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why?

Luke 4:18-19, 21.

Jesus’ “Nazareth Manifesto” is the heart of an evangelistic message I call “The Way of Mission.”

  1. What is your favorite movie? Why?

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

An educated hero who can take a punch takes a leap of faith.

  1. Who are three people you admire?

Nelson Mandela, Tony Campolo and Sharon Sanders (my wife).

  1. What is one little-known fact about yourself?

I play guitar at Friday Church at Highland Baptist in Louisville, Kentucky, in the finest Americana worship band anywhere.

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