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Courtney Pace is associate professor of church history and director of admissions at Memphis Theological Seminary in Tennessee.

  • Where did you grow up?

Arlington, Texas.

  • What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why?

Jesus’ interaction with the hemorrhaging woman in Mark 5:25-34.

Not only does Jesus affirm her body in all of its humanity, but also Jesus commissions her to proclaim (“preach”) holy peace to her community.

  • What is your favorite movie? Why?

My answer to this question tends to change over time, but right now it’s “The Long Shot” (2019).

It was a progressive, feminist rom-com, which addressed contemporary justice issues as well as the ins and outs of a feminist’s daily life trying to be awesome and find love at the same time without losing her awesomeness.

  • Who are three people you admire?

Prathia Hall, a civil rights leader and womanist preacher; Michelle Kwan, the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history who is now working with the State Department; and Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer, dancer and producer.

  • What is one little-known fact about yourself?

I am the 2012 Ice Skating Institute Adult World Figure Skating Champion, and I absolutely cannot whistle.

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