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David Balkum serves Highland Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, as its ministry council chair. He divides his time among teaching, lawyering, writing, husbanding, fathering, sonning, churching and woodworking.

  • Where did you grow up?

Several cities in Brazoria County, Texas, the last being Alvin.

  • What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why?

Luke 18:1-8.

The parable acknowledges we are strangers in this land, many times abused, and invites us to be partners with God in seeking justice.

  • What is your favorite movie? Why?

“The Book of Eli.”

The movie depicts a man challenged by God, a zealous, broken and humble man, who forgets and then remembers the essence of his task and remains faithful to an ambiguous end.

  • Who are three people you admire?

William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Grisham.

  • What is one little-known fact about yourself?

I collect insulators, those funny round glass things that older people used to see on top of telephone poles and to which younger people ask, “What is that?” or, more to the point, “Why do you collect those?”

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