Ircel Harrison is coaching coordinator for Pinnacle Leadership Associates and supplemental faculty member in ministry praxis at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Kansas.
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1. Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, although I spent most summers in Pensacola, Florida, with my grandparents.

2. What is your favorite Bible verse, book or story? Why?

The Gospel of John, especially Jesus’ “Upper Room discourses” in John 13-17.

This seems like a “book of instructions” for kingdom citizens.

3. What is your favorite movie? Why?

“To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Gregory Peck’s portrayal as Atticus Finch was impressive and a model of ethical integrity worth emulating.

4. Who are three of the people you admire?

Those I know personally – Rita Harrison (my wife), Glenn Yarbrough (former boss and mentor) and Molly T. Marshall.

Those I admire from a distance – Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell and Pat Lencioni.

5. What is one little known fact about yourself?

I was commissioned as a second lieutenant out of the ROTC at the University of Southern Mississippi and served a tour in Vietnam.

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