Michael Cheuk is the pastor of University Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is a board member of the Baptist Center for Ethics.

Michael’s articles that have appeared on EthicsDaily.com are available here.

1. Where did you grow up?

Hong Kong, and Shreveport, Louisiana.

2. What is your favorite Bible verse, book or story? Why?

Philippians 2:5-11.

It is a beautiful image of the self-giving love of Christ and a model for us to follow.

3. What is one of your favorite movies? Why?

“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

I am moved by the depiction of sacrifice, teamwork, humility and perseverance for a cause that promotes a common good.

4. Who are three of the people you admire?

Albert Schweitzer, Henri Nouwen, and Kent and Kathy Cheuk (my parents).

5. What is one little known fact about yourself?

I have a creative side; I enjoy photography and singing.

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