Mimi Walker is the pastor of Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Mimi’s articles that have appeared on EthicsDaily.com are available here.

1. Where did you grow up?

Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia and Florida. Given that we never really stop growing, I could add Kentucky and the Philippines to the list.

2. What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why?

The parables of Jesus.

They require that we think, see ourselves in a new way and then act with renewed compassion.

3. What is your favorite movie? Why?

“To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.”

It is a fun cult comedy where judgment and abuse are conquered by joy and caring.

4. Who are three people you admire?

Mother Teresa, MaryAnn Damonte (my mom) and Robert Farrar Capon (an Episcopal priest and author).

5. What is one little known fact about yourself?

I am a left-handed, introverted middle child. I know that’s three, but together they explain a lot.

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