Tony W. Cartledge is professor of Old Testament at Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek, North Carolina, and contributing editor/curriculum writer for Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies.

  • Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Lincoln County, Georgia, population (then and now) about 6,000.

  • What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why?

Micah 6:8.

What better guide than a call to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God?

  • What is your favorite movie? Why?

Because Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy would probably count as three, I’ll go with “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

It’s one of the few movies I could enjoy watching more than once or twice.

  • Who are three people you admire?

The late Fred Rogers, Jimmy Carter and Geraldine Brooks (journalist and author).

  • What is one little-known fact about yourself?

The first church to call me as pastor – when I was 20 – was aptly named “Loco Baptist Church.” Some semblance of it will definitely show up in the novel I hope to finish one day.

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