Once a month, our small editorial staff enjoys a weekend of proofreading. I dropped off a well-marked draft of the April edition of Baptists Today at managing editor Jackie Riley’s house moments ago.
Contributing editor Tony Cartledge emailed in more corrections. He caught one place where I referred to a tornado as a hurricane in a photo cutline. I explained that I failed meteorology in college.
Of course, we don’t really enjoy copy editing and proofreading. They are just necessary parts of an editor’s job.
They lack the interest and creativity of writing, yet are essential to the communication process.
So one weekend a month is dedicated to this laborious process.
Lent is kind of like that. For a 40-day period each year — leading up to Easter — we focus on “copy editing” or “proofreading” our lives.
It’s not much fun, but necessary. In some cases we correct errors. (Hurricanes and tornadoes are different.) In other cases, like in editing, we make changes that are not errors but can be improved.
Holy week is just around the corner, and then the glorious Easter celebration comes. But we all have some marking up to do in our lives. No one stands beyond the need for change, improvements. So get out the red pens or highlighters.

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