My colleague Keithen Tucker attended the Macon Touchdown Club on Monday night to hear Mark Richt, head football coach at the University of Georgia (the alma mater of another colleague, Tony Cartledge).

Keithen shared with me that Coach Richt began his address by noting that he was in Macon, Ga., earlier to help raise money to drill wells in Africa. He explained that without the fresh water from the wells, residents were required to walk eight miles to collect unsanitary water that has to be boiled before consumed.

“Now that we have things in perspective,” Richt added, “we can talk about our team’s 9-2 season.”

Those who enjoy the competitiveness of college football and other sports can be guilty of taking such recreational experiences too seriously. We need the coach’s timely and important reminder.

Now here’s wishing Coach Richt and the Bulldogs a good 9-3 season.

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