As fighting continues between the Israelis and Palestinians, a new Gallup poll reveals which side Roman Catholics and Protestants favor.

The poll revealed that Protestants were slightly more likely than Catholics to favor the Israelis over the Palestinians. Forty-nine percent of Protestants said they favored Israel, while 39 percent did not have a preference for either group.

About 42 percent of Catholics favored Israel, 16 percent favored Palestine and 42 percent did not express a preference for either.

When asked why their sympathies were mainly with Israel, Protestants (20 percent) and Catholics (26 percent) both said it was because Israel was fighting terrorism or being subjected to terrorist attacks.

Nineteen percent of Protestants also said they supported Israel because they believed it had a biblical claim to the land. Only 11 percent of Catholics supported Israel for the same reason.

Among other top reasons for supporting Israel were belief in the Jewish cause, belief that Israel was more stable and willing to negotiate, and distrust of the Palestinians.

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