Hilary Duff starrer “Raise Your Voice” comes to DVD today, sporting several extra features.

The movie stars teen sensation Duff as Terri Fletcher, a girl who dreams of using her voice to make it out of her Arizona town and into the spotlight. She arranges to attend the fictional Bristol-Hillman music conservatory in Los Angeles, where she learns more about both music and herself.

The DVD includes several extra features.

New Line (the studio behind the film) put five deleted scenes on the DVD, all of which feature Duff and two of which add to the storyline about her deceiving her father (David Keith) in order to attend the conservatory.

In addition to a 7-minute featurette about the movie’s making, the DVD includes some fun outtakes, Duff’s “Fly” music video and the original theatrical trailer.

Most original, however, is the “interactive jam” feature, in which viewers can create their own musical track by choosing various instruments, rhythms, drums, etc.

The DVD also features New Line’s “Son of the Mask” trailer and comes with a free ticket to the movie, which opens Feb. 18.

“Raise Your Voice” co-stars Oliver James, David Keith, Rita Wilson, John Corbett and Rebecca De Mornay.

Cliff Vaughn is culture editor for EthicsDaily.com.

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