By John D. Pierce

The September/October issue of Nurturing Faith Journal is hot off the press. It features my conversation with the insightful and inspiring Guy Sayles of Asheville, N.C.

Astrophysicist Paul Wallace considers Galileo’s role in the unnecessary war between science and religion. Campus ministry veteran Wanda Kidd has good advice for parents whose children are heading off to college.

Bruce Gourley and I lay some groundwork for the emerging Jesus Worldview Initiative from Nurturing Faith.

Jen Foster shares how one congregation turned shades of green into expressions of worship and deeper community. Mike Smith offers seven suggestions for addressing toxicity that harms our relationships.

Also, there are good words from Larry Hovis, John Franke, Becky Galli and Bill Leonard — plus the thought-provoking, weekly Bible studies by Tony Cartledge. And so much more!

Digital or print subscriptions are available online — or call (478) 301-5655 today and ask for a subscription starting with the September/October issue. It will be on its way to you.

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