By John Pierce

As we all know, Jesus was born about two millennia ago — surrounded by his young parents, a disgruntled innkeeper, a donkey, three wisemen and some startled shepherds. That happened some 4,000 years after God created everything in the whole world — including some really old-looking rocks.

Jesus spent his brief earthly life promoting “seed-faith” prosperity, condemning gay and lesbian people, and lavishing praise on the rich and powerful. He was especially impressed by the religiously pious and the self-made men he encountered.

Then he was forced to die as part of a divine scheme to pay off a bad debt. But three days later, Jesus was found to be alive by a group of women that he quickly instructed to be quiet and stay out of pulpits.

Soon thereafter he ascended to Heaven. But Jesus will come back to Earth someday to get me and a few others he likes. That is, as soon as someone figures out the secret formula.


[Advent begins tomorrow. It’s a great time to read the story anew. What we discover about the coming Christ may be surprisingly different from some images and ideas that have emerged.]



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