By John D. Pierce

Looking for something good to read? Perhaps something with intrigue, mystery and sex?

Well, yes, the Bible fits the bill, but also check out Nurturing Faith Journal.

The May/June issue is filled with fascinating, original content — including a visit with Ken and Nancy Sehested of Asheville, N.C., whose faith and justice driven lives just may be models for future ministers.

In his column “Questions Christians Ask Scientists,” physicist/minister Paul Wallace responds to a reader’s query about why some people in the Bible lived much longer than at any time since.

Historian Bruce Gourley continues his insightful series on “Religion and the American Presidents” with Nixon: Part 2.

Rebekah Gordon looks at how and what the church teaches women about sex, in her article “Eve or Mary?”

Arkansas pastor Wyman Richardson offers inspiring insights from his “unlikely friend,” St. Francis of Assisi.

Autumn Lockett shares her “wonderful discovery” of good faith.

And so much more.

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