How can you rejuvenate your Bible study, care for creation and save money?

Use one of 17 undated, PDF curriculum units published by Acacia Resources – a division of

Ranging from five to 13 weeks in length, the studies are written by global Baptists and address a variety of topics and texts. Leader guides and student guides are available, as are previews of each unit.

The student guides can be purchased in units of 1-20 copies, 21-50, and 51 or more, and the leader guides in units of one, two and three or more copies. This saves you money by allowing you to only purchase rights to print the number you will need.

After completing your secure purchase through our online storefront, you will receive a link via email to download the curriculum unit or units you purchased, saving you time and shipping costs.

Each study is provided as a digital PDF, which conserves paper by allowing it to be viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The document or documents can be printed for those without access to these devices or for those who prefer a printed copy.

Clergy and laity from across the U.S. have purchased and used our curriculum units. reached out to several who have ordered studies, asking them to share their experience.

Gregory Magruder, pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Gainesville, Florida, used the “Five Lessons for Advent” unit during the 2012 Advent season, incorporating the lessons into morning worship.

The worship leader used the weekly theme as the basis for selecting readings, hymns, choral arrangements and the lighting of the Advent candles, while Magruder used the themes and lessons as the source for his sermon texts and content.

“The material was challenging as well as uplifting,” Magruder told, “and gave us a refreshing approach to the Christmas season.”

He added, “The material would be an excellent resource for small groups, Sunday school classes and Wednesday night studies as well. I highly recommend Acacia Resources for your discipleship needs.”

Danny Chisholm, pastor of University Heights Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, used the Advent study during the congregation’s Wednesday night Bible study.

“It was a great resource and helped emphasize the importance of the days leading up to Christmas,” he said, noting that complemented the worship themes on Sundays.

Chisholm added, “The series helped us as a church family ‘take the journey to Bethlehem’ once again. I highly recommend it.”

Susan Fendley, who teaches a young adult career group at Central Baptist Church of Beardan in Knoxville, Tennessee, noted that she has used all of the curriculums.

“I like the EthicsDaily material because of the variety of authors even within a particular series,” she said. “The lesson illustrations are relevant, and both the spiritual depth and academic excellence are evident. The lessons are well received by our group and my co-teacher.”

The “Questions Jesus Asked” curriculum “got to the heart of some of the tough issues Jesus raises in the gospels. This gave great opportunity for in-depth Bible study in a relatively short window of time on a Sunday morning,” said Garrett Vickrey, pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas.

“One of the most difficult parts of lesson planning for me is coming up with discussion questions,” Vickrey said. “This study provided wonderful guiding questions to provoke conversation.”

David McDaniel, pastor of younger adults at Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, praised all four of the studies he used – “Being Doers of the Word,” “Courageous Churches,” “Genesis: The Creation of Relationships” and “God’s Purposes in Prayer.”

They provided “a starting point for open dialogue with the group,” he explained, an approach that aligns well with the congregation’s emphasis on dialogue instead of lecture.

“EthicsDaily [curriculum] provides a strong foundation for asking probing questions related to the studies that forces the participants to not simply regurgitate a time-old answer, but to wrestle with how this Kingdom of God idea interacts with everyday situations and everyday dilemmas,” McDaniel said.

The five most popular studies are:

  • Five Lessons for Advent” – a five-week study based on the Advent themes: hope, peace, joy and love.
  • Eyeing Easter, Walking through Lent” – an eight-week curriculum unit based on the Psalms with special emphasis on the witness and work of global Baptists.
  • Questions Jesus Asked” – a 13-week study exploring the probing, challenging questions Jesus asked in the Gospel of Luke.
  • Being Doers of the Word” – a 13-week curriculum looking at how the book of James helps people who profess the faith back it up with love-based actions.
  • Living Wisely, Living Well” – a 13-week study of Proverbs explores topics relevant to all including: “In Search of the Good Life,” “Working Wisely” and “Think Before You Speak!”

Other curriculum units are:

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