Some Web sites buzz with energy. The content hums, the graphics flicker, the overall feel is electric. RELEVANT Magazine online is such a site.

The young Christians behind RELEVANT wrote that they “want to break stereotypes, challenge status quo and enact change through the media. We’re seeking God, living life and striving to impact the world around us.”

RELEVANT Magazine exists in print (six issues a year for $12), but its online incarnation is a lot of fun. And it’s free (including a weekly e-newsletter called 850 Words of RELEVANT).

RELEVANT links to headlines from other sites like Beliefnet, CNN, Washington Post and, because it’s relevant, Rolling Stone.

It also carries movie, book and music reviews. It lets users post reactions to columns and submit upcoming events (like concerts) for publication on the site.

RELEVANT is a user-driven site, meaning it relies on the active participation of its visitors to keep the site vibrant, stocked and interactive. It appears that RELEVANT and its users are working hard to do just that.

“We want to speak to an audience of independent thinkers,” RELEVANT’s team wrote, “ones that were raised on pop culture, are hungry for God but don’t embrace dead religion.”

The site carries a variety of columns, including many in the first person, some of which are more engaging than others. But the topics are interesting and of use to the targeted audience. For example, one article is, “Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping.”

The site is slick: excellent design, easy navigation, not overdone. And it’s updated daily.

It offers plenty of fun stuff, too: a virtual office tour, a collection of RELEVANT desktop designs, a RELEVANT store and more. The store sells T-shirts, books and CDs.

The RELEVANT message boards seem to be fairly active, and they cover all corners of culture: Flannery O’Connor, prayer chains, Harry Potter, current headlines and so much more. For messaging junkies, RELEVANT is a good stop.

RELEVANT Magazine and RELEVANT Magazine online are divisions of Relevant Media Group, based in Lake Mary, Fla. Relevant Media Group also produces Relevant Books and Relevant Solutions, which specializes in multimedia design projects.

Anyone will find RELEVANT Magazine online interesting, but 20-something Christians—the same demographic behind the site and magazine—will probably be most engaged.

Cliff Vaughn is culture editor for

Visit RELEVANT Magazine online.

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