Photo from bombayharbor.comBy John Pierce

Back when the late Millard Fuller first started running around shouting, “No more shacks!” — who could have  imagined the global impact that would follow for Habitat for Humanity International? 

The overly-ambitious goal of eliminating poverty housing drew eager volunteers, but it’s doubtful anyone envisioned the success that has followed. Except for Millard, who seemed to see possibilities where others saw obstacles and limitations.

So it is welcomed news to read this morning that Habitat is now the sixth largest home builder in the U.S. — along with its tremendous global impact.

When Millard and his wife Linda started Habitat, the concept was so simple: build a decent home in partnership with a family in need, and charge no interest or profit. The Fullers sold (for prophet, not profit) their dream as more than a good deed, but a clear Christian calling. And many of us caught “habititus” and jumped in to help.

Later, sadly, the Fullers had conflict with the Habitat board over various issues but none of that lessens the tremendous impact for good that has come and continues to come from the work done by volunteers through both Habitat for Humanity International and the Fuller Center for Housing.

As the MLK Jr. memorial opens in Washington, D.C., our thoughts turn to dreams. Certainly the dream that birthed Habitat, of eliminating poverty housing worldwide, is one to celebrate — and to urge us forward to entertain other seemingly impossible dreams.

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