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An email from David D’Amico that I received yesterday morning as my plane made its way to the gate in Atlanta brought sadness, prayers and reflections on a beautiful life. His lovely wife, Ana, had died after a struggle with breast cancer.

An Argentine native with deep passion for God and all of God’s people, Ana was a joy to know. She and David were especially gifted at cross-cultural communication and used those gifts well.

From 1996-2004, the D’Amicos served in ministry among the United Nations diplomatic community in New York City. That assignment through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship put them in a strategic position when the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 occurred.

Living only about eight blocks from the World Trade Center site, the D’Amicos witnessed the horror of that day and went into action immediately. While the ash-covered, shocked victims (referred to by media as the “walking wounded”) streamed away from the WTC site, the D’Amico hustled against the flow to a NYU hospital where they assisted the overwhelmed medical staff.

Ana’s earlier experience as a hospital administrator, as well as the language and ministry skills both possessed, proved very helpful. After days of crisis ministry the D’Amicos turned to helping coordinate the good work of many volunteers who came to NYC following that defining experience.

Some months later, I sat with David and Ana in their East Side apartment and heard their remarkable stories — including visiting with friends in the UN community who feared that their lives were at risk because of their Muslim faith.

These are stories I will long remember. And Ana’s life is one to celebrate — for it was full and meaningful.

[CBF has provided this photo and a news story about Ana.]

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