By John D. Pierce

He coined the phrase, “Peace, like war, is waged.”

He challenged Baptists and others to live out the gospel of justice and inclusion — when it challenged their cultural norms.

He founded an independent publication (at great personal cost) in which such truth could be written, even if not celebrated — which I’m now privileged to serve as editor.

He shared his inspiring life story in Zion to Atlanta: Memoirs, published by Nurturing Faith.

He was small in size, but huge in integrity and influence.

Devoted husband to his late wife, Nell, and a caring father.

Mentor to many.

Longtime, rock-solid member of Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, Ga., the community of faith that helped launch his publishing venture.

Walker Leigh Knight, publisher emeritus of Nurturing Faith Journal, died this morning at age 95.

He was beloved. He will be well remembered and deeply honored — today and in the days ahead.


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