In the southeast corner of North Carolina, there is a small community named Northwest. On the outskirts of that community lives a dear lady who owns the pond of my dreams.This past weekend, while I was in the area for a speaking engagement at Goshen Baptist Church, she allowed Samuel and I to paddle around and hang out on the pond for as long as we wanted. It was an incredible gift, and we enjoyed it immensely.

As most of us gear up for a very busy week of work and study and suffering through interminable campaign advertisements, I thought it might be refreshing to share some photos and simply contemplate the beauty of God’s good earth, which has been given into our keeping.

If you try, perhaps you can hear the hornets buzz, or the roosters crow, or the blue jay squawking as he glides over the water in search of bugs.

If you look closely, you can see sign after sign of life in its prime, life in its old age, and even life after death.
You can expand any of these images by clicking on them. If you settle on a favorite image and sink into it for a bit, perhaps — if only for a moment — your soul can take flight.

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