Retired attorney Bob Broxton believed e-mail could be about more than technology. He believed it could also be about God’s word. That’s why he created ScriptureMail.

The new business allows people to create e-mail addresses named after favorite Bible verses. For example, Broxton’s own e-mail address is Additionally, his business lets organizations use ScriptureMail as a fund-raising tool by recruiting new users.

ScriptureMail has pre-selected more than 500 Bible verses from which customers can choose. Some of the most popular verses include John 3:16, Philippians 4:13 and Isaiah 40:31.

And with various e-mail address prefixes—for example, robert, robert1, robert2—numerous people can claim the same verse.

Each e-mail sent via ScriptureMail also contains a link that displays the verse indicated by the e-mail address. In this way, ScriptureMail creates “a unique opportunity for senders to silently witness via this electronic emissary,” according to a company press release.

Basic e-mail accounts through ScriptureMail cost $8.99 per year. Enhanced accounts offering more storage space, virus protection and other extras cost $24.95 per year.

Broxton, the man behind ScriptureMail, was raised a Southern Baptist in Montgomery, Ala. Now a Presbyterian, he retired from practicing law in 1995. Now living in Richmond, Va., he has embarked on this quest to turn e-mails into witnessing tools.

“ScriptureMail literally transforms Christians into 21st century e-missionaries with just a click of the computer mouse,” Broxton said in the press release. “I get so excited about the idea of having Bible verses encircling the globe everyday and bringing people closer to God, just as Christ commanded us to do with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.”

ScriptureMail’s Web site, in addition to being the portal for signing up for the service, includes a timeline of how the Bible’s message has been spread throughout the ages. Some of the more recent noteworthy events, according to ScriptureMail, are:

  • 1899: “Gideon’s International is founded for the purpose of placing and distributing Bibles around the world.”
  • 1973: “Project Gutenberg publishes the first Bible in electronic format.”
  • 1998: “Olive Tree Bible Software offers Palm Pilot Bible Reader.”
  • 2003: “ScriptureMail launched to spread the word electronically via e-mail.”

ScriptureMail has also implemented an affiliate program that constitutes, according to the press release, “a blissfully easy fundraising component.”

Essentially, an organization wishing to be a ScriptureMail affiliate places a link on its Web site. Whenever someone creates a ScriptureMail account through that partnership, the organization receives a cut of the profit. How much of a cut depends on the type of account and whether it is new or renewed.

“Fundraising for mission trips, youth activities, educational materials and other supplies is always a challenge for religious groups in today’s economy,” Broxton said in the release. “It’s a win-win because members can share their faith through a ScriptureMail account and help their church or ministry at the same time.”

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Visit the ScriptureMail Web site to learn more.

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