The newest addition to the Good Faith Media podcast suite, “Revs on the Road,” premieres this week.

The podcast is hosted by Dallas-based Jenna Sullivan and Ashley Robinson – ordained ministers, passionate followers of Christ and social advocates.

Season 1 of “Revs on the Road” will consist of eight episodes, released each Tuesday beginning June 29.

The podcast will feature Sullivan and Robinson exploring the country, searching for God, the church and faith everywhere outside the walls of the traditional church.

Covering topics including spiritual healing, mental health and racial justice, the show will include weekly guest interviews, “red light rants,” personal commentary and theological insight from the hosts.

The production is sponsored by the pastoral residency program at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas. The program provides recent seminary and divinity school graduates a space to hone their theological skills and gain real-world experience in ministry.

Sullivan is an outspoken and energetic queer preacher, feminist and yoga instructor. On this podcast, she plans to use her unique life experiences and love for God’s creation to highlight the beauty of a world often overlooked from the traditional walls of the church.

Robinson, an alumni from the University of Alabama and recipient of a Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Kansas, is a Renaissance woman who looks to create a radically welcoming environment everywhere she goes.

Robinson’s goal for “Revs on the Road” is to share the good word of the gospel while exposing listeners to the less documented facets of creation.

Together, the hosts are hitting the road, searching for God’s glory while taking listeners on a journey to understand and experience life as it truly is, as opposed to how we like to imagine it.

“‘Revs on the Road’ brings enthusiastic joy and creative energy to the Good Faith Media family of podcasts,” Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall said. “Revs. Jenna Sullivan and Ashley Robinson will explore the church from outside the stained-glass walls of a traditional setting. They believe the Holy Spirit is moving in new and creative ways within an emerging generation. We hope listeners will tune into this fabulously funny and seriously insightful look at the church.”

Listeners can learn more about “Revs on the Road” here. You can follow the podcast on Facebook and Instagram; it will be available on Apple, Spotify and other platforms.

Since the creation of GFM in 2020, the nonprofit has launched a range of podcasts.

These include the long-form narrative “Brother Molly” about theologian Molly T. Marshall, “Good Faith Weekly” with GFM executives Autumn Lockett and Randall and the race-religion-politics-focused “Raceless Gospel” featuring Starlette Thomas.

Visit GFM’s podcast page to explore all the offerings.

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