TV evangelist Pat Robertson said that if Americans pray, then God will protect the nation, providing a covering from harm in the event of war against Iraq, according to the most recent posting on

Citing Psalm 91, Robertson said God “will give a covering over our nation. He will give a covering over our troops, and that’s what it is we want to be talking about as we’re praying for what we call Operation Prayer Shield.”
Beginning with Lent, Robertson said, “We want to see a prayer shield go up around these men and women. And not only these men and women, but the United States, because the chances of somebody with a nuclear device using them against one of our cities or one of our installations is very high.”

“We don’t know when these terrorists might strike, but it’s so easy,” he said.
If Americans live in God’s shelter, then God will rescue Americans from Saddam Hussein’s traps. God will also deliver the nation from gas, Robertson’s interpretation of the Psalm’s reference to plagues.

“I’ve heard of one company where they went into battle every single day reciting the 91st Psalm, and they had no casualties,” Robertson said. “God did what He said. They trusted Him.”

Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network also promoted Operation Prayer Shield, offering bumper stickers.

“We urge you to join with us in praying a shield of protection and righteousness across our beloved America for our troops and their families,” said “Together we can pray a shield of protection over our loved ones.”

“Praying only for Americans smacks of spiritual nationalism,” said Robert Parham, executive director of the BaptistCenter for Ethics. “We need to pray not only for our nation, but also for our enemies.”

He said, “If we take Jesus seriously, we need to pray privately, to seek God’s kingdom and to ask for forgiveness for our own wrongdoing.”

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