In an earlier blog I described the dilemma in which Southern Baptists find themselves over the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican choice for vice president. I’ll not rehash the case that can be read below.

My observations have been verified by the continued silence from most well-known SBC leaders (except Richard Land who is forever positioning himself for political influence). Following Gov. Palin’s selection and rousing acceptance speech there was still that odd Southern Baptist silence.

Now, finally, we get one article from Baptist Press related to Gov. Palin. But it is not from Paige or Dorothy Patterson, or other outspoken SBCers. It is a little known church history professor at Southeastern Seminary named Nathan Finn.

Finn opines: “The Baptist Faith and Message does not address the question of women in secular leadership, only spiritual leadership. Looking to Scripture, there are reasons we should use caution when applying biblical principles about gender roles in the home and the church to secular government. The Bible nowhere offers an unambiguous rejection of female governmental leadership as it does female spiritual leadership in the home and church.”

Now I get it. Women can command a military offensive that could annihilate a large segment of the world but can’t offer spiritual insight and guidance from a pulpit or have an equal voice in choosing a family vacation spot.

What is really amazing is that some good Baptists in the pews and students in the classroom actually buy this nonsense. But here’s the upside: at least fundamentalists have finally discovered Judge Deborah in the Old Testament (whom I’m sure only offered “secular leadership” in her day).

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