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“Save Green, Go Green” is the promotional theme for our June 24 luncheon in Charlotte, N.C., at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s annual general assembly.

“Save Green” is our effort to provide a Baptist-friendly luncheon price in the midst of the great recession when church budgets are tight and individuals without an expense account have limited discretionary funds. We recognize that everybody and every organization are operating on a scaled-down budget.


Rather than a luncheon buffet in the $39 price range, we’re offering a per-person ticket price in the $10 range. A table for eight for your church, school or organization will be in the $80 range.


“Go Green” refers to the luncheon location. Our luncheon will be at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, which is some seven minutes by light rail and 10 to 12 minutes by foot, according to Bobby Morrow, Pritchard’s pastor.


Saving money will require that many attendees take the light rail from the convention center to within two blocks of the church. Others might choose to walk.


We think that good stewardship involves both the wise use of what God has entrusted to us and the prudent protection of the environment.


Of course, we recognize that some folk will need to drive. The church is five minutes away by car from the convention center. Even if one needs to drive, one still gets to practice good financial stewardship.


Simply put, “Save Green, Go Green.” Buy your ticket or tickets now for our annual luncheon. Know that seating is limited to around 300 folk.


The luncheon program will include segments of our documentary, “Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims,” that has aired on some 130 ABC-TV stations. Additionally, we’ll have some TV news clips about the documentary and a time for audience dialogue.


I can promise you that program content will be dynamic, energizing and equipping for goodwill Baptists who want to be active peacemakers in a conflict-ridden, multifaith world.


As we have been saying repeatedly this year, if Christians and Muslims are not at peace, the world will not be at peace. In the American context, Baptists and Muslims must seek the common good together for the sake of the world, to offer a constructive model to the rest of the world. We think our documentary contributes to that effort. We hope our luncheon will equip and empower goodwill Baptists to be leaders on this front.


We will also present our “2009 Baptist of the Year” award to Emmanuel McCall.


“Few Baptists have worked more constructively over a longer period of time inside the white Baptist power structure to advance racial reconciliation than McCall. He has done so with a gritty determination and an undeniable dignity. Many a good man would have understandably walked away from a people more often committed to being white southerners, than Baptists, but not McCall,” read our editorial late last year when we announced McCall as the recipient of our annual award.


Those who know McCall will want to honor him at this luncheon.


Our 2009 luncheon at the CBF meeting in Houston included a screening of our award-winning documentary “Beneath the Skin: Baptists and Racism” with a panel discussion. We heard numerous folk say that it was the best event at the meeting. Granted, we’re inclined to hear and probably embellish such comments!


Our 2008 luncheon at the CBF meeting in Memphis featured a Methodist law-school professor, Susan Pace Hamill, who framed taxes as a moral issue. Her content was rich and much needed.


Our annual luncheon has become one of the highlights of the general assembly. We expect that will be the case again this year.


“Save Green, Go Green.” Click here for more details and to buy a ticket.


Robert Parham is executive editor of and executive director of its parent organization, the Baptist Center for Ethics.

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