A Southern Baptist Convention ethics professor and a retired Texas state judge who led the takeover of the SBC made repeated contributions to the presidential campaign of Republican Party nominee George W. Bush, according to a list of contributors posted on Bush’s Web site.

The Bush campaign Web site contains a list of campaign donors. The Web site of Democratic Party nominee Al Gore offers no similar list.
Daniel R. Heimbach, a Christian ethics professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, made contributions to the Bush campaign, totaling $200.
Heimbach lost a congressional primary bid this year to run as the Republican Party candidate in the 2nd congressional district in North Carolina.
Businessman Doug Hayes, a Methodist, defeated Heimbach in the primary, receiving 62 percent of the vote to Heimbach’s 38 percent.
Heimbach ran on anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality planks, according to articles in the Greensboro News & Observer. He opposed U. S. involvement in Kosovo and supported the war against Iraq.
A review of the donor list on the Bush Web site found that H. Paul Pressler, a retired Texas state judge, made three different contributions, totaling $725 between March 7, 1999 and October 14, 2000.
His wife, Nancy A. Pressler, made two contributions, totaling $625 during the same period.

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