Two of the six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries have joined as sponsors of a “Kingdom Education Summit” during next month’s SBC annual meeting, and a top administrator at one will speak, the meeting’s organizer announced Wednesday.

The Southern Baptist Church and Home Education Association is sponsoring its second annual Kingdom Education Summit June 14. This year’s theme promotes an “exit strategy” from the government’s school system and will rally support for a resolution calling for such a strategy that has been proposed to the SBC resolutions committee.

The association’s president, Elizabeth Watkins, said in an electronic newsletter that Boyce College/Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southwestern/Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have joined as sponsors.

Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration at Southern Seminary, will also speak.

“It is exciting to see all that the Lord is doing these days through the SBCHEA,” Moore said in a e-mail to Watkins. “As you know, we [Mohler and Moore] are solidly behind SBCHEA and the Kingdom Education agenda.”

Another new sponsor is Christian Liberty Press, publisher of the Christian Liberty Academy School System homeschool program. Watkins said Mark Beuligmann, director of CLASS, “was the very first supporter of the Southern Baptist homeschooling community, back in 2004.”

Previously announced sponsors are UnionUniversity, a Tennessee Baptist Convention-affiliated school in Jackson, Tenn., along with Christian Liberty Academy School System, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Homeschooling Family to Family.

“It’s beginning to look like our 2006 Kingdom Education Summit will be THE PLACE to be, during the Southern Baptist annual meeting,” Watkins said.

Watkins urged members of the association to support a resolution proposed by laymen Roger Moran and Bruce Shortt at the upcoming convention by adding comment to an SBCHEA guestbook and to write or e-mail SBC president Bobby Welch and members of the resolutions committee.

“This is a great homeschool writing project, so include your children in this,” she recommended. “Actual letters have proven to be more effective than e-mail, if possible, but please do whatever time allows. Letters from supportive Southern Baptists are what led to victory for our children in 2005!”

She also urged to e-mail Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler or call his radio program. She termed comments by Mohler on last Wednesday’s program saying all Christian parents should have a strategy for removing their children from public schools “bold and convicting.”

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