1. Texas Textbooks Tout Christian Heritage (Politico)
  2. Santorum: Make Secularism a Religion So We Can Ban it in Schools (Mediaite)
  3. Pennsylvania County Council Shoots Down ‘In God We Trust’ Bill (CBS Pittsburg)
  4. Detroit Residents Protest Church’s Golf Course (Lansing State Journal)
  5. Man Sues Chicago Church After Falling Gargoyle Kills Fiancee (Art Net)
  6. Atheists Fight Clergy Tax Benefits in 7th Circuit Court (Courthouse News Service)
  7. Court Hears Challenge to Clergy Housing Allowance (Associated Baptist Press)
  8. Baptists Enriched by Repeated Missions to Sioux (Associated Baptist Press)
  9. Race and Relevancy Among Challenges Facing Black Baptist Leaders (Baptist Standard)
  10. Iraq: Christians Flee ISIS Rule in Northern Iraq Amid Persecution (NBC News)
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