Good Faith Media and Christians Caring for Creation (C3) are excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual seminar titled, “Stewardship of the Earth in a Time of Crisis” on Sept. 14 at 12 P.M. ET/ 11 A.M. CT.

The event will be hosted by Mitch Randall, CEO of Good Faith Media, and co-led by Don Gordon, founder and CEO of C3, and Robert Davies, associate professor of professional practice at Utah State University.

This hour-long event is free and available to all interested in learning how to fuse theology and science in a way that appropriately addresses issues of climate change and other important environmental crises.

“Global warming has brought humanity to a crisis,” said Randall. “The United Nations report earlier this year suggested the globe is entering into an ‘unprecedented and rapid’ change that has not been seen in the Common Era.”

With such concerning data about the trajectory of Earth’s climate readily available, now is the perfect time for people of faith to become more educated on the topic.

“Participants will learn how science and faith are fused together for the stewardship and sustenance of the earth,” said Gordon. “Particularly, they will learn the biblical basis for caring for creation, how the earth is speaking to us in our current existential crisis and what the best science is telling us about the impact of climate change. There will also be resources identified that can help individuals, organizations and churches address the call of ecological stewardship in practical ways.”

C3 is a non-partisan organization currently working to bring attention to environmental issues that threaten God’s creation. Gordon founded the organization after 35 years of teaching and preaching experience in response to the impending threat of climate change.

In addition to his work at C3, Gorden currently lectures to students at Lenoir-Rhyne University as an adjunct professor of religion.

“C3 is providing resources for individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to care for God’s creation,” said Gordon. “We have book recommendations, sermons and Bible studies that provide theological foundations of Christian stewardship of creation. We also have many short videos produced by our scientific consultant, Robert Davies of Utah State University, that provide scientific data in terms ordinary people can understand.”

Davies is a physicist with a focus on environmental change, sustainable human systems and scientific storytelling. He is also trained in atmospheric physics, surface physics and quantum optics.

“Our goal is for every Christian and every Christian church to make a strong and determined commitment to love God and neighbor by loving God’s creation,” said Gordon.

The combined wisdom and expertise of these two men will make for an interesting and captivating webinar experience.

“Good faith Christians need to step up, speak out and stand up for creation care,” said Randall. “I am thankful for groups like Christians Caring for Creation calling attention to this crisis and challenging the faith community to advocacy.”

You can register now (for free) at

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