New sex-themed shows have been cancelled by the networks after receiving consistently low ratings.

It was splitsville for NBC’s “Coupling” after just four episodes aired, according to E! Online. The show, about six bed-hopping singles, was pushed heavily by the network as a potential heir to the departing “Friends.”

The British version of “Coupling” was a huge success, but American audiences weren’t buying, averaging only 12.3 million viewers—poor numbers for a Thursday night sit-com on NBC.

Another fall failure was “Skin,” produced by Hollywood powerhouse Jerry Bruckheimer. This drama employed a Romeo-and-Juliet romance between the son of a district attorney and the daughter of a porn industry king.

“Skin” was toast after three episodes. Its debut garnered just 6.3 million viewers, sinking to 4.1 million by the third episode, according to E! Online.

“Coupling” never aired on at least two NBC affiliates: one in Salt Lake City, the other in South Bend, Ind. Both affiliates exercised their right to reject network programming.

Russ Crabb, manager of programming and operations at KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, called the show “unsuitable,” according to the Deseret Morning News.

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