Martina McBride is wrapping up “Do you see what I see?” when my car radio comes on early this morning. Then Bing Crosby starts to proclaim: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

No it’s not, Bing. It’s Nov. 14 with temperatures expected in the high 70s. The only hints of Christmas are the store displays that went up right after the Fourth of July.

I hit the button that moved the dial from premature Christmas jingles on 102.5 to the pleasant light rock sounds of 93.7. That suits me well until know-it-all John Tesh comes on. Then the CD goes in.

A week ago I overheard someone tell of visiting Santa at a mall already. Think the old elf can remember those lists for seven weeks?

Order is important: Thanksgiving, Advent then Christmas. Don’t push it.

These songs may not be out of tune, but they are out of rhythm.

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