Each year during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship annual assembly, a silent auction is held to benefit artists and ministries in various parts of the world. Tina Bailey, one of CBF’s global missions field personnel (i.e., missionary) in Southeast Asia, is both an organizer and a contributor.

Tina, shown here beside her acrylic on canvas painting titled The Mantle, will use the proceeds from her painting to help develop Balinese music and dance in the churches where she serves. Many other ministries among the most marginalized people of the world — the focus of CBF global missions — benefit from the annual auction.

Likewise, those who place winning bids benefit from taking home a piece of unique art — whether a painting, a tapestry or a Hungarian nativity — and knowing that it is more than a mere souvenir.

[Thanks to Bill Allen of Chattanooga for taking the photo of Tina and her art for me. For more information on CBF Global Missions visit here.]

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