The director of an ecumenical Christian organization says it “prays, gives, goes and does” to help women across the globe.
“Our work is guided by a vision of a world where every woman is empowered by the love of God, and valued by her community, and equipped to fulfill her unique purpose,” says Cindy Dawson, executive director of Global Women, in a new Skype interview with “We know this is a vision, a dream. It’s not a reality yet.”

Skype Interview: Cindy Dawson from EthicsDaily on Vimeo.

Dawson, who has directed the nonprofit organization since 2006, says Global Women investigates issues that are “stifling this vision,” then works to connect with “indigenous Christian women leaders” who are already at work transforming lives of women in their area.
Dawson cites specific initiatives in Myanmar (Burma), where women are trained as nurses for employment in clinics or critical aid in local villages.

Global Women has also been active in Moldova and Central Asia, for example, and will shortly be in Nepal.

“These are hard places,” says Dawson. “They’re hard to get to. They’re expensive to get to.” Cultural differences and poverty are often added obstacles, but the reward justifies the risk and effort.

In the interview, Dawson also discusses the upcoming Global Women Summit in Anderson, S.C., at Boulevard Baptist Church on Oct. 12-13, 2012.

Global Women is headquartered in the greater Birmingham, Ala., area.

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